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North East England’s Leading Renewable Energy Specialists here to keep your energy bills down

It’s not fair that homeowners in North East England are facing rising electricity bills and struggling to improve energy efficiency. You may be feeling the pinch of high energy costs and are looking for way to reduce your energy bills, and your carbon carbon footprint too.

Without the right solutions, reliance on the grid remains high, leading to continued financial strain and inefficient energy use within your home.

But there is a better way to supply electricity to your home…

Our Solution

use North East England’s Solar battery Storage to maximise energy and save money

Solar battery storage can make a big difference, helping you maximise renewable energy and save money, rain or shine, day or night.

Across North East England, our solar battery solutions are driving down energy costs and reducing emissions. Imagine a more reliable and sustainable way of powering your home. Throughout North East England, our dedicated team of renewable energy experts are helping homeowners like you to help the planet.

Solar Battery Storage Delivers a range of Benefits

We are fully committed to supplying solar batteries throughout North East England of the highest standard. That’s why our clients are able to reap all the benefits of renewable energy battery storage.

Free Energy When You Want

Use your free power at night and don’t worry about the sun shining when you want to make the switch to fully renewable electricity.

Smart Ready

Our smart-ready solar storage options allow you to monitor and control the battery storage system in your home at any time — wherever you are.

Become Carbon Neutral

Make your North East England home carbon-neutral and play a part in the fight against climate change with our solar batteries.

increase Energy Independence

The use of battery storage will reduce reliance on the local North East England grid, and move you one step closer to complete energy independence.

Slash Your Carbon Footprint

Switch from electricity generated by ‘dirty’ methods to green energy drawn directly from the sun — and cut your home’s carbon footprint.

Reduce Your Electricity Bills

Use solar-generated electricity for longer and more to reduce your electricity bills or charge with cheap rate electricity during the night.

What We Do

Professional and accredited Solar Battery Installation

Our solar battery storage installers provide a full-service solution that means you don’t have to go anywhere else for a reliable source of cheap, clean energy.

Energy costs are still adversely affecting domestic customers up and down the country. That’s why we’re doubling down on our determination to save the billpayers in North East England hundreds of pounds every year. Our solar battery storage solutions are good for both your bank balance and the planet.


Our highly experienced, fully qualified and accredited solar battery installers work diligently to install solar batteries according to the highest industry standards.


Once we’ve installed and tested your solar battery storage system, we’ll be there to provide the scheduled maintenance that will keep it efficient and maximise its lifespan.


We supply premium solar battery equipment manufactured by the world’s leading brands. But in the unlikely event that you experience performance issues, we’ll be there to get things up and running.

Qualified Operators

North East England’s Fully Accredited Solar Battery Storage Specialists

Lucans Energy solar battery installers undergo rigorous training. As a result, we are one of North East England’s most trusted and accredited solar battery specialists.

A Tried-and-Tested Solar Battery Installation Process

Step 1


Contact us to book an initial consultation in your home. We’ll assess everything from your lifestyle to your roof to verify the feasibility of an installation and a bespoke solution just for you.

Step 2


Every home has different logistical needs and challenges. That’s why we always design unique battery storage solutions from scratch.

Step 3


We’ll install your solar battery storage system on a date that suits your schedule. Sit back and relax, as our green energy technicians work to cut both your energy bills and your home’s carbon footprint.

Our Pricing

Solar Battery Installation Costs

We take a fresh approach to every project, so it’s difficult to provide accurate cost estimates without first visiting your home. However, to give you an idea of what solar battery storage might cost you, below is based on previous installations we’ve completed.


Tesla Powerwall 2 Installation

  • Retrofit – AC Coupled System
  • 100% Depth of Discharge
  • Automatic Power Backup
  • Industry Leading Monitoring App
  • 13.5kWh of Storage
  • 5kW of Discharge Power

What’s Included?

  • Professional Installation
  • Checked and Tested
  • Permissions and Notifications Completed
  • Unlimited Post-Installation Support
Our Clients

Top-Rated Solar Battery Installers

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I was passed James’ details from a work colleague when I was looking to install solar PV and battery storage on my roof. From our first meeting through to completion, James was brilliant. He was always providing me with updates on delivery dates. The installation was fantastic, even when trying to find cables routes in our Victorian terrace, which isn’t always an easy thing to do. I wad so impressed that I got James back to install more solar PV on another roof on the house.
Highly recommended!

Phillip Oliver


Our Track Record

Lucans Energy Solar Battery Storage in Action

Solar batteries installed by Lucans Energy engineers are powering homes across North East England. This is just a sample of the many installations we have completed over the years.


Solar Battery Storage FAQs

Yes, we provide a full-service solution that includes the supply of all the equipment, expert installation, a warranty and ongoing support.

The amount you save with solar battery storage depends on your energy usage and the size of your solar panel system. On average, homeowners can reduce their electricity bills by up to 50% by storing excess solar energy and using it during peak rate times or at night.

Adding solar battery storage to your home can:

  • Reduce Energy Bills: Store excess solar energy to use at night or during peak rates, lowering your electricity costs.
  • Increase Energy Independence: Use stored energy during outages, ensuring your home stays powered.
  • Enhance Sustainability: Maximize the use of renewable energy, reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment.

We are confident that your solar battery storage will deliver many years of renewable energy to your home. However, in the highly unlikely event that your equipment fails or becomes inefficient, our seven-year warranty covers you for the parts and labour required to get it up and running.

Absolutely! Contact us today for an initial consultation, and we’ll put together a comprehensive, fully customised solar power solution that generates cheap electricity and allows you to use it when grid electricity costs are at their highest.

We have been installing solar panels and solar batteries across North East England for several years now. As well as being fully accredited by industry-recognised bodies, we also have a string of positive customer reviews. You can also check our case studies for evidence of our commitment to high standards and exceptional customer service.

There are several incentives available for renewable energy solutions, which can significantly reduce the upfront costs. These do tend to vary so please get in touch with us so we can see what incentives are available to you

Solar battery storage works by storing excess energy generated by your solar panels during the day, so you can use it when the sun isn’t shining. This means you can power your home with stored energy at night or during cloudy days, reducing reliance on the grid and cutting your electricity bills.

Absolutely. Solar battery storage can provide backup power during those frustrating outages, ensuring your home stays lit and operational. This is especially valuable in areas with frequent power interruptions, giving you peace of mind and reducing dependency on the grid.

Book a Solar Battery Storage Consultation in North East England

Solar battery storage in North East is the key to maximising the potential of your solar energy. Book your free, no-obligation consultation today, and take the first step towards cheaper electricity and a reduced carbon footprint.

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